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Welcome to amour amour the online dating agency review site. We are not a dating comparison website but we have looked at some of the top online dating sites and some of the more unusual ones we've given our take on them and we hope this enables you to find the dating agency site that suits your particular needs.

Dating agency sites are without doubt a great way to meet and compare potential partners they can without doubt cut out hours of wasted time and effort, lets face it life's too short to waste time on dead ends.  A good dating agency can quickly match you to the potential perfect partner. The internet is without doubt the perfect place for dating sites in fact the internet and dating agencies are a match made in heaven.


Helping you find that perfect match

You've probably realised by now that cyberspace is awash with dating agencies, some you wouldn't discuss in polite company and then there are the genuine companies who take you and your desire to find a partner very seriously. 

These are the companies we've visited and checked out.  Companies with a proven reputation and a genuine commitment to finding you the perfect soul mate. They focus on quality, rather than quantity, helping you find a like minded adult seeking a relationship or even marriage.