The PARSHIP principle for those of you who don't know Psychologist Professor Hugo Schmale developed PARSHIP's compatibility test and compatibility matching. Way back in the 1960s Professor Schmale had been conducting research into couples and their relationships. As the co-founder of PARSHIP he is responsible for the scientific development of the service.

Scientific Foundations - 30 years of research

Parship is a dating company that is in the vanguard of scientific research into couples and their relationships. The respected psychologist Professor Dr Hugo Schmale has been researching in this area since the 1960s. His findings form the foundation of the PARSHIP‘s compatibility matching, with its track record of bringing together couples for long-term relationships.

PARSHIP’s compatibility matching - You just know when it’s right that's the principle behind this system and you will realise when you try it that the system really works.

Every person is looking for someone who is really right for them. That someone who will love you for the way you are – also that someone who you’ll love for the way they are. - Not just anyone. The one. 

At Parship claim that they hear from members every day, telling them how they’ve found love through Parship. Members pass on news about relationships, weddings and babies, and lots of photos of happy couples. - Not just anyone. The one.