Poppaea Sabina and Emperor Nero

Poppaea Sabina the Younger was born in Pompeii in AD 30 as the daughter of Titus Ollius and Poppaea Sabina the Elder.

History has stated that Poppaea was ambitious, ruthless, and bisexual. That she was ruthlessly ambitious probably can't be denied and she pursued Nero until she captured him she had already been married twice before ensnaring Nero Her first husband Rufrius Crispinius, had been an influential senator until he was executed by Nero. She next married Otho a friend of Nero's and once briefly Emperor of Rome, Poppaea divorced Otho in 58 AD and she then worked her charms on Nero making him divorce and then later execute his first wife Claudia Octavia so they could be married.

That they had a passionate and sometimes brutal love life can't be denied but it was without doubt one of the great love stories to come out of ancient Rome and perhaps was typical of the romances of that times which started out well and always seemed to end badly, after all Nero was reported to have kicked Poppaea in the stomach when she was pregnant which led to her death.

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